Smokey Quartz Charged Day Spray Mini

Day Spray is a toning mist with powerful essentials such as aloe vera, activated charcoal, rose, and lemon cultivated to tone, tighten, and brighten. Smokey Quartz Day Spray is the perfect toner to follow your face cleansing routine. This formula quickly closes pores while delivering anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, calming skin irritations, sunburn, and swelling. Day Spray locks in moisture while protecting skin from pollutants. These potent natural oil blends heal the skin's texture with an overall tightening feel and appearance. 


This product is 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free.


How to: Use after cleansing routine before moisturizing. Hold Day Spray about 7 to 10 inches from skin. Spray generously around face, neck, and chest. Use as much or as little as desired.


  • Spray face throughout the day for an instant moisture skin refresh
  • Spray on to makeup brushes in between product application 


Insights: Shake well before each use to ensure an even application of Day Spray's powerful formula. 


Due to COVID-19, the packaging for this item is on backorder. Skin+Spirit sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience. Smokey Quartz Charged Day Spray Mini will be back soon!

Smokey Quartz Charged Day Spray Mini

  • Solar Charged Smokey Quartz 

    • Disperses fear
    • Lifts depression and negativity
    • Brings emotional calmness
    • Relieves stress and anxiety
    • Protects against radiation and electromagnetic smog


    Solar Charged Peridot

    • Strength and vitality
    • Increased mental focus
    • Antidepressant 
    • Protects against negative emotions