Black Onyx Charged Retrograde Stellar Stabilizer

Retrograde Stellar Stabilizer is a quick-absorbing and ultra-moisturizing skin serum. This serum is Solar Charged with Black Onyx to stabilize decision making and awaken your innate wisdom during the chaotic phase of Retrograde. Black Onyx helps to overcome fear and anxiety to help you through tough choices and even facilitates mental focus, self-control, and steadfastness. Retrograde Stellar Stabilizer to the rescue!  


This product is 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free


How to: Glide serum roller on all pulse points (including insides of wrists, insides of elbows, and behind ear lobes), temples, and between brows for quick absorption. 


  • Use serum as all over body moisturizer
  • Place serum on pulse points and between brows for mediation and protection  


Insights: Shake well before each use to ensure even application. 


Due to COVID-19 the packaging for this item is on backorder. Skin+Spirit sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience. Retrograde Stabilizer will be back soon!


Black Onyx Charged Retrograde Stellar Stabilizer

  • Solar Charged Black Onyx

    • Wisdom
    • Decision Making
    • Eliminates Fear and Anxiety  
    • Self-Control
    • Mental Focus