Cancer Star Sign Stabilizer

The Star Sign Stabilizer Collection serums are specifically cultivated to bring balance, strength, and heightened focus to each zodiac sign. Star Sign Stabilizers activate each sign to their fullest potential by connecting spirit to star system.


Rainbow Obsidian charged Cancer is a highly concentrated lunar serum curated and designed especially for Cancerians, descendants of the Moon. These highly charged oil blends encourage Cancer to stop hiding from their inner truth. Obsidian shines a light on the negativity and clears it away, helping Cancer to choose the path leading towards light, love, and inner peace.

Rainbow Obsidian, made of volcanic glass, appears opaque black at first glance but actually showcases a multitude of colors, much like the Cancerian people. For Cancer, this stone is a dynamic teacher in how to shed what does not serve them anymore, in order to make space for the new. It helps clear the Root Chakra of any blockages allowing the loyal and family-oriented Cancerian to focus on what’s important, family, and stability, instead of resentment, fear, and anger. Obsidian helps Cancer with resentment issues and helps them to let go of their anger and negative energy. It resonates with the Root Chakra keeping Cancer's consciousness grounded and clear, allowing Cancer to be centered and focused on the present.  


The invigorating blend of White Jasmine and White Geranium resonates with Cancer's adventurous yet nurturing nature. Like the delicate essence of the Cancerian people, white flowers are elegant, subtle, and universally adored.


This product is 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free



How to: Apply serum to pulse points and temples throughout the day for best celestial alignment activation 


  • Use serum as a facial moisturizer, fine line reducer, and pigmentation evener 
  • Use serum for an all-over glow 
  • Apply serum to pulse points for the soothing blend of White Jasmine and White Geranium natural aroma perfume 


Insights: A little goes a long way!


Due to COVID-19, the packaging for this item is on backorder. Skin+Spirit sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience. Cancer Star Sign Stabilizer will be back soon!

Cancer Star Sign Stabilizer

  • Lunar Charged Rainbow Obsidian 

    • Spiritual Protection 
    • Protection from self-deprecation
    • Anti-depressant  
    • Healing of trauma  
    • Grounding
    • Inner peace 
    • Love
    • Joy