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My Story 

I transformed my skin and now I'm transforming YOURS!

My name is Candace and I am the founder and creator of Skin + Spirit. My passion for natural  EFFECTIVE skincare came from my many years of struggle with my own skin issues, chronic cystic acne being the worst of it! I had tried absolutely every over the counter topical medication as well as various prescribed antibiotics. Everything I tried ultimately led to an uneven, irritated complexion. When my only available option left was an invasive dangerous medication, I decided it was time to change the way I look at skincare and what it actually means to CARE for my skin. It was clear to me that harsh chemicals are not the answer. I dove deep back into nature and pursued extensive education on the powerful benefits of botanical properties. I created recipes that not only restored my complexion but completely cured all irritations and lightened acne scarring. I immediately felt a strong duty to share my products with the world. Nature IS the answer, feed your skin with the minerals of the earth, and let her heal. 

Why Crystals? 

Throughout my journey of natural organic skincare, I learned balance equals beauty. Internal balance, the spirit, and mind are just as important to our physical appearance and preservation as anything we put on our skin. Whether it is from daily stresses, depression, or emotional trauma, an internal imbalance can lead to skin issues. We as humans literally “wear our emotions”. Crystals are a powerful resource of tangible, malleable energy, and when positively charged, crystals bring balance back to the spirit body. With crystal energy activation methods, exclusive only to Skin + Spirit, I combine spirit body healing with the careful creation and curation of my products. Skin + Spirit is the first ever organic skincare line to not only transform your complexion through botanical purities but also through powerfully charged crystalline energies. Only when we are balanced within do we shine without.

"Balance within heals the skin".

Love and Light,


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